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Talent Concept

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Talent concept:
Insisting on adopting the modern management mode and taking “internal training, external introduction, optimization and promotion, echelon establishment” as the principle, the company continuously improves the mechanism construction of talent introduction, training, selection and encouragement, and strives to build a high-quality talent team of reasonable professional structure and moderate echelon composition that is suitable for the company’s business development, to provide strong human resource system support for achieving the company’s strategic development goals.
(I) Talent introduction and training plan
In the next two years, the company is expected to focus on introducing senior management personnel with rich industry experience, technical personnel with complex knowledge background and practical development & design experience, continuously optimize the talent structure, and at the same time, continue to cooperate with institutions of higher learning to establish practice bases and vigorously cultivate and reserve professional and technical talents; actively carry out industry-university-research cooperation projects and strengthen personnel exchanges and cooperation. In addition, the company will continue to improve the staff training and incentive mechanism, conduct a good job in staff career planning, and build and optimize a reasonable talent echelon.
(II) Optimization of human resources management system
The company independently developed Chaoda-CKPI system, based on various key operating data such as safety, quality, delivery period, efficiency, profit, work compliance and customer satisfaction, and established a multi-dimensional, multi-level fair, open and impartial scientific performance evaluation mechanism, which further stimulated team vitality, improved production efficiency and harmonized labor-capital relations. Subsequently, the company will further integrate ERP system, CMDS system, CPDM system, CMES system and OA system based on CKPI system to form a dynamic quantitative scientific management mode based on multi-system integration and big data mining.
(III) Improvement of the staff education and training system
The company will continue to improve its staff education and training system, widely carry out internal technical exchanges among employees, irregularly invite industry experts and training institutions to give lectures and training to employees, support employees to participate in external training and further studies, broaden their horizons and improve the overall quality of the company’s management and technical personnel.