Operation Management


Chaoda has been actively established as a learning organization and a harmonious enterprise. With the encouragement and support of the company, employees are encouraged to rebuild their academic qualifications and declare various job titles, whose diligent learning has become a common practice. Chaoda regards corporate culture as the soul of enterprise development, shaping the enterprise spirit of “learning, unity, innovation, enterprising” with the unique value concept system and colorful cultural life. The company retains the talents with its business, emotion and remuneration, and creates a harmonious environment, enabling all kinds of talents to realize their ideals and achieve their ambitions. The company has also made remarkable achievements in the construction of spiritual civilization, which has been affirmed by provincial, municipal and county departments at all levels.

Devoting ourselves to providing excellent non-standard equipment made in China to customers in the global auto industry.

Become a leading manufacturer of non-standard equipment in the automotive industry in the world.

customer-oriented, quality makes the future; people-oriented, cooperation creates value.

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