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Development History

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In 2005, Nantong Chaoda Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was established. It mainly develops automotive interior die and PU foam die projects.
In 2009, the company increased equipment investment and purchased Heixconn gantry CMM, Korean double-ended spark machine, Japan Osaka five-axis processing center.
In 2005, Automation tooling project launched
In 2014, Research and development of automotive dashboard enamel mould and production line project
In 2015, CMES system will be put on line in an all-round way to realize transparent production
In March 2015, Establishment of Chaoda Europe Co., Ltd.
In June 2015, the company was changed to Nantong Chaoda Equipment Co., Ltd.
In July 2015, Shenmo Nantong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was set up to expand the project of assembly checking tools and main model checking tools.
In July 2017, Establishment of Chaoda Americas Limited Liability Company 
Area in 2017, Construction of Haiyang Road New Factory