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With informationization driving industrialization, the company has cooperated with Yonyou for many years, which is a leading ERP software supplier of enterprise resource planning system in China, and matured to use Yonyou U8 to manage the purchase, sale and deposit of the enterprise in a systematic and real-time manner, initially realizing the unified management of capital flow, material flow and information flow. And subsequently, U8 system will be integrated with the manufacturing execution system, to automatically acquire the design and manufacturing cost of products in real time and automatically generate detailed cost analysis reports, so as to assist enterprises in further efficient operation, scientific decision-making and improvement of operating efficiency.
In addition, the company has also worked closely with EMan for many years, which is a leading ERP software supplier of enterprise manufacturing execution system in China, to tailor-made Chaoda Manufacturing Execution System-CMES. As a benchmark customer of EMan informatization project,  realizing transparent production in various non-standard discrete manufacturing departments, and real-time dynamic control of all factors of human/machine/material/method production, eliminating information islands. Some manufacturing departments have realized automatic production scheduling on a 24-hour rolling basis and have really achieved timely planning in case of rapid changes.