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Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and technological innovation is the core driving force for the sustainable development of enterprises. The Research & Development Center of Chaoda Equipment has gathered more than 200 professional researchers and designers, who have obtained 54 invention patents, 54 utility model patents, 6 high-tech products at present.
Entrusted by the National Technical Committee on Die and Mould of Standardization Administration of China, the company presided over and formulated the industry standard “Specification of Moulds for EPS and EPP Foaming” (JB/T 11662-2013) for EPS (expandable polystyrene) and EPP (foamed polypropylene) foam moulds, and planned and independently developed the NX platform based automotive mould design system-CMDS at the same time, significantly improve the intelligent standardization degree of mould design. The system supports full assembly design, 3D/2D integrated association design and assembly cloning design based on historical template. With this system, the company has achieved the standardization of part name and coding, part BOM automation, part ball marker automation, image file information automation, technical requirements templating, hole table labeling automation, and standard part library intelligence in the design department.